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Dr. Shweta Arora

( Principal )

Maulana azad muslim teachers training college of education is a premier institute of teachers education. It is affiliated to jai narain vyas institute and approved by ‘national council for teachers education (ncte)’.
It is a institution where students would be educated actualize their potential and succeed as human being. It is an institution striving not only for academic excellence but producing seasoned human beings, who shall take the reigns of nation and become valuable assets in the great progeny of teachers keeping in time with the developments in the educational strategies around the globe. Our teachers should teach them how to incorporate love and kindness into thoughts as well as action. The teacher education colleges i believe should be more than just academic more about producing thinkers than walking repertories of knowledge more about creating an ethic of questioning than of presenting the status we have to create true professional who maintain integrity and equilibriums in today demands.
Since inception the prime objective of our institutes is to equip our teacher trainees with professional skill that are required to face challenges of competitive world. The pedagogies adopted by the institute coupled with learning resources would help our budding teachers to do well in all spheres of life in general and teaching particular. This whole universe is in the process of progressive evolution. It is not in static phase. It will require tremendous efforts on our part to change our attitude, beliefs, discovering true talent and working for the society.