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Our Faculty

Teaching and Non Teaching Staff

No. of staff members in position at the time of commencement of the Current Session:

Principal Academic Staff
Assistant Professor/Lecturer
Total Academic Staff Total Administrative, Technical and professional Staff
01 30 31 06

No. of Vacant positions as on the date of last Revision of Website

S.No. Academic Positions No. of Vacant Positions Other Staff No. Of Vacant Positions
1. Principal Nil Administrative Staff NIL
2. Professor NIL Technical staff NIL
3. Associate Professor/Reader NIL Professional Staff NIL
4. Assistant Professor/Lecturer NIL
Number of Academic and other Staff recruited during the Current Session 18
Others NIL
Number of Academic and other Staff who left the Institution during the Current Session (2016-17) NIL
Others NIL

Here are our complete fuculty in tabular form, click below: