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Internship Schools

Name and number of schools available for Internship during the current session.
Private recognized Unaided School

I. Firoz Khan Memorial Girls Sen.Sec.School,Jodhpur

II. Ram Kishan Vidhya mandir Sen.Sec.School Jodhpur

III. Madarsa Garib Nawaj Upper Primary School,Jodhpur

IV. Madarsa Jami ul Uloom Suthla,Jodhpur

V. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Muslim Sen.Sec.School ,Jodhpur

VI. Maulana Azad Upper Primary ,Jodhpur

VII. Anjuman Upper Primary School ,Jodhpur

VIII. Madarsa Crescent Public School ,Jodhpur

IX. Jagtamba Vidhya Mandir Sen.Sec. School ,Jodhpur

X. Shiv Shakti Niketan Upper Primary School ,jodh

Total number of Internship days in the previous academic session. 21

Total number of Mentor teachers associated with the Internship 10-2

Did the institution conduct orientation programme for the students before the commencement of Internship Yes
Did the Institution conduct the Plannning cum consultation meeting with the Heads of internship school ? Yes

Intern Schools

S.NO. Name of the school Location (Rural/Urban) Management (Government/Aided / Private/Unaided) Total Students Distance from TEI No. of Students Teachers Deputed for Internship
1. Firoz khan Memorial Girls sen. Sec. school jodhpur. Urban Private Unaided 559 200 M in campus 20
2. Ram krishan Vidhya Mandir Sen. Sec. school. Jodhpur Urban Private Unaided 250 2 KM 20
3. Madarsa Garib Nawaz girls upper Primary School, Jodhpur Urban Private Unaided 300 4 KM 20
4. Madarsa jami ul uloom Suthla Jodhpur Urban Private Unaided 275 1 KM. 20
5. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Muslim Sr. Sec. School, Jodphur/ Urban P.U. 478 In Campus 200 M. 20
6. Maulana Azad Upper Primary Urban P.U. 282 IN Campus 200 M. 20
7. Anjuman upper primary Urban P.U. 325 1.5 KM. 20
8. Madarsa Crescent Public School Urban P.U. 445 200 M. In Campus 20
9. Jagadamba Vidhya Mandir Sec. School, Jodhpur. Urban P.U. 259 1 KM 20
10. Shiv Shakti Bal Niketan Upper primary School. Jodhpur Urban P.U. 355 ½ Km 20


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